The evolution of hospitality sales

A diverse task force of HSMAI Rising Sales Leader Council members aligned to explore our industry’s most recent evolution

Mar 17, 2023

Over the course of the pandemic and well into our recovery, many hotels were forced to shut down, remain temporarily closed, or operate with extremely limited capacity due to government restrictions and decreased demand. As a result, hotel sales teams had to quickly adapt with more lean processes and creative new strategies to attract guests, improve their experience, and generate revenue for their property.

Many of these strategies have remained in place even after the fact, as they have proven to be helpful, resourceful, and a seemingly natural transition for our industry in their own respects.

Key takeaways

  • Virtual sales meetings: With travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines in place, in-person sales meetings have become less common;
  • Increased focus on digital marketing: With people spending more time online, sales teams have shifted their focus to digital marketing channels and tools;
  • Flexible cancelation policies: With fear of travel plans being disrupted by the pandemic, hotel/hospitality sales teams have introduced more flexible cancelation policies.

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