The future looks bright for travel marketers

But the landscape has shifted. Personalized and purposeful trips, educational experiences and off-the-beaten path destinations now compel visitors

Nov 21, 2023

With travel continuing to rapidly evolve post-pandemic, attendees of the 2023 Destinations Florida Annual Meeting were eager to exchange ideas and strategies, drawing on market-leading examples throughout the world.

Key takeaways

  • Travelers increasingly expect personalized and customized interactions. AI and machine learning allow marketers to deliver dynamic content and offers tailored to individual interests and behaviors;
  • Many travelers now seek undiscovered places and hidden gems outside major tourist centers and attractions. They crave more sustainable and authentic local experiences;
  • Destinations and hotels embracing ecotourism, social causes and local culture connect more deeply with values-driven travelers;
  • Many travelers have adopted a “life’s too short for boring vacations” mindset. They want activities and experiences that teach new skills, build knowledge and bring self-improvement;
  • Video continues to dominate marketing campaigns, with over 80% of travelers relying on video when making decisions. Short inspiring travel videos easily grab attention on social media.

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