The reasons why customers use

For the same hotel and dates, offers a better rate, a better room type and a better cancellation policy

Mar 28, 2023

Hotels regularly receive proposals from OTAs offering “more visibility” in exchange for either an exclusive discount or a higher cost. While these programs look great, full of advantages and with very little to lose.

Unfortunately, it’s very much the other way around. OTAs have a lot to gain, and hotels have a lot to lose. But hoteliers, who are always pressed for time and in a constant rush, tend to accept them without thinking twice.

Key takeaways

  • Booking Genius, which gives members a 10% discount. Unfortunately, the hotel does not offer this 10% discount on their website even though they have a loyalty scheme;
  • Mobile discount, which gives another 10% discount on mobile “only” (approximately 80% of its traffic). Once again, this same discount is not applied to mobile users on the hotel’s own website;
  • Free room type upgrade, which gives an advantage by offering a better room for the same price.

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