TikTok's 'What's Next 2024 Trend Report'

Annual prediction report provides insights into key trends of note for marketers, based on platform usage behaviors, user surveys, and internal research

Dec 7, 2023

For this year's report, TikTok looked at how creative bravery drives impact by piquing global curiosities, flipping traditional story arcs, and deepening trust between brands and their audiences.

Key takeaways

  • Curiosity peaked: Spark action during your audience's discovery journey on TikTok by digging into the communities they're already a part of and creating content that aligns with their needs and curiosities;
  • Storytelling unhinged: Content on TikTok is designed to be reinterpreted and built upon, so mobilize its community and give them an equal seat at the table to shape your brand’s identity and narrative;
  • Bridging the trust gap: Each campaign and organic piece of content is an opportunity to share, listen, and learn, building brand trust and values together to generate deeper loyalty on and off-platform.

Download the full report at TikTok

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