Travel advisors prepare for travel demand plateau

There's little doubt that the surge in spending on travel will eventually slow down. What that looks like - and when it might happen - is yet to be determined

Jul 6, 2023

While it seems clear people will eventually use up the money they've been sitting on for three years, many believe the drop off may be less dramatic than some expect, particularly for advisors with clients that have moved to work-from-home or even hybrid work/office situations.

Key takeaways

  • Just because business continues to be good with, as several executives said, no immediate end in sight, does not mean advisors should not be preparing - a headwind could be finding new clients to keep the booking levels at current pacing;
  • While Virtuoso isn't particularly worried about a plateau, it does recommend advisors take a moment to look at their business from the outside, rank clients based on return, and spend most of your time with your top clients;
  • And, the majority of travel is still booked through OTAs and DIY, so there is an unlimited market opportunity for most travel advisors.

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