Travel leaders weigh in on GenAI real-world potential

Some analysts have dubbed generative AI as 'overhyped,' foreseeing a reality check in 2024 due to unrealistic expectations, elevated expenses, and regulatory obstacles

Feb 15, 2024

In 2023, there was widespread speculation about generative AI's potential to 'revolutionize' the travel sector. However, tangible applications did not materialize as expected by GenAI proponents. As we advance into 2024, doubts emerge regarding whether this technology will live up to expectations or disappoint.

Key takeaways

  • Mike Coletta, Research and Innovation Manager at Phocuswright, challenges pessimism, emphasizing AI's potential to revolutionize travel for both travelers and providers. "The travel industry is on the verge of major change, with AI poised to transform the experience for all," Coletta states;
  • Haluk Kayhan, CEO of Bedsopia, stresses the need to address real operational challenges rather than focusing on hypothetical problems. He suggests prioritizing issues like staff shortages, flight disruptions, cancellations, payment processing, and operational inefficiencies;
  • Adam Harris, CEO of Cloudbeds, predicts accelerated efficiency gains for hoteliers through AI-driven solutions. “In a perfect world, advanced AI would fine-tune revenue management for hoteliers and work on their behalf as a 24/7/365 GM."

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