Travel scams and how to avoid them

One of the primary ways fraudulent third-party companies suck people in is with the promise of a deal

Aug 1, 2023

People all over the world get sucked into a variety of travel-related schemes and scams all the time. In this day and age of vacation, sketchy websites and companies and third-party bookers abound.

Key takeaways

  • Some websites will figure out how to game search engines like Google. Travelers might think they’re calling Delta or Hilton or Hertz but are actually on the phone with someone else because they just called whatever number came up in search results or on some website without verifying it’s right;
  • In the same vein, consumers wind up on these websites because they appear in their searches, sometimes because those websites have paid to rank higher;
  • Experts say it generally is better to book directly with the hotel or airline or whatever you’re trying to accomplish, or at least to start there.

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