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Understanding modern travel trends - AnalyticsIQ's Cognitive Sciences team conducted an in-depth study to understand current travel patterns and emerging behaviors.
Apr 24, 2024 • Travel
US travel sector faces long wait for China tourism to hit 2019 highs - The slower-than-expected China travel rebound may further pressure earnings for hotel operators in the U.S..
Apr 24, 2024 • Travel research highlights emerging barriers to sustainable travel - New survey shows that 83% of travelers value sustainable travel, but there's also a global fatigue with the ongoing challenges of making sustainable choices.
Apr 24, 2024 • Travel
Shiji Group
Guest Reviews Like Never Before
We analysed a full year's worth of guest review data in five global regions, free for hospitality.
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Median sale price of large US hotels declined in Q1 - Despite the decline, experts at the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research expect the value of large hotels to increase in the second quarter of 2024.
Apr 24, 2024 • Hospitality
Thousands protest Canary Islands' unsustainable tourism model - Organizers say 50,000 turn out to demand cap on tourist numbers, say model makes life unaffordable and strains resources.
Apr 24, 2024 • Travel
Amsterdam blocks new hotels to fight mass tourism - The Netherlands’ Amsterdam will no longer allow new hotel buildings to be built as part of its fight against mass tourism.
Apr 24, 2024 • Travel
Hotel brands strive for emotional loyalty - Emotional loyalty, rather than repetitive transactional loyalty, is the goal for hotel brands, which can be achieved by offering quality experiential hospitality.
Apr 24, 2024 • Hospitality
Hotel website visitors show emotion, too - You'd be surprised how few people scroll below the header image. What does this behavior tell us? Maybe we need to rethink how we prioritize the flow of content.
Apr 24, 2024 • Hospitality
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