People are tired of being talked at

Tailored messaging helps brands stand out in the crowded landscape of social media and generic email campaigns

Jan 3, 2024

People are tired of feeling like everything is selling to them. They want brands to understand their day-to-day and how they use things. Research from McKinsey and Company showed 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions, and 76% are frustrated without it.

Key takeaways

  • At its most basic level, personalization happens in the inbox, with emails tailored to shoppers with information such as relevant styles based on past purchases, unique discount codes and more;
  • AI tools not only find patterns in past behavior, but can also use that information to predict what people might do next – their estimated next purchase dates or the probability of a repeat purchase, for instance – so brands can respond accordingly;
  • There's a fine line to walk, however, between effective personalization and overstepping. As advanced as these tools are, they cannot account for every single aspect of a person's life.

Get the full story at the BBC and McKinsey

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