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Business travel is back, but purpose is key - A new report from Accor explores return of business travel and the changing priorities impacting TMCs and travelers.
Aug 1, 2023 • Travel
Travel to remain consumer priority - Consumers to spend 28% more on travel over the next 12 months, finds new Amadeus research.
Aug 1, 2023 • Travel
Shiji Group
Guest Reviews Like Never Before
We analysed a full year's worth of guest review data in five global regions, free for hospitality.
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Wellness travel has evolved beyond the hotel - Having escaped the confines of the spa, wellness now influences the travel experience far and wide, offering new ways to discover the world.
Aug 1, 2023 • Travel faces backlash for rewards program changes - For die-hard fans, Expedia's One Key rewards program is a step down from the booking site’s previous rewards model.
Aug 1, 2023 • Hospitality
A look at Expedia's marketing reporting capabilities - How can your hotel ensure its campaigns are effective and efficient when you’re faced with evolving trends?.
Aug 1, 2023 • Hospitality
Target 'niche' Chinese travelers, not numbers - With a new generation of travelers, there's no longer such a thing as 'the Chinese tourist'.
Aug 1, 2023 • Travel
Melia Hotels quarterly profit soars as revenue tops pre-pandemic levels - The company said the quarterly results showed the strength of a sustained demand without signs of a slowdown.
Aug 1, 2023 • Hospitality
Travel scams and how to avoid them - One of the primary ways fraudulent third-party companies suck people in is with the promise of a deal.
Aug 1, 2023 • Hospitality
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