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Netflix’s first global ad campaign comes from Expedia - The OTA will be the first global advertising partner to activate a multi-market campaign on Netflix’s ad-supported plan throughout 2024.
Feb 6, 2024 • Hospitality
Global hotel RevPAR shows no sign of slowing - The global hotel performance is expected to steadily improve over the next several weeks as business and group travel return.
Feb 6, 2024 • Hospitality
How Europe is pioneering hotel sustainability reporting - Europe is paving the way on sustainability reporting and will most likely influence other regions interested to keep their competitive advantage.
Feb 6, 2024 • Hospitality
Key features to evaluate in a booking engine
Kickstart your success by exploring our expert-curated infographic, offering an insider’s perspective on the pivotal features every hotel booking engine needs.
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US: 67% of surveyed hotels report staffing shortages - Hoteliers are boosting pay and offering incentives to attract and retain talent, as per a recent survey by the American Hotel & Lodging Association.
Feb 6, 2024 • Hospitality
Chinese tourists continue to stay close to home - Analysts are now adopting a more realistic view, revising their overly optimistic predictions of a sharp increase in Chinese overseas travel after Covid restrictions ease.
Feb 6, 2024 • Travel
Changing demand and development conditions prompt hoteliers to adapt - As change is the only constant, so too must the hotel industry change to adapt to new environments and guest demands.
Feb 6, 2024 • Hospitality
How hotels stay ahead of industry trends - A multi-disciplinary approach allows hotels to address the issues – and opportunities – that arise from any rapid external changes in a way that encourages collaboration.
Feb 6, 2024 • Hospitality
The evolution of retargeting - With the demise of third-party cookies, adapting strategies becomes crucial for maintaining effective retargeting and driving hotel bookings on your website.
Feb 6, 2024 • Hospitality
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