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Europe will be more crowded than ever this summer - Because American demand is so high for an overseas vacation, high season isn’t just in summer anymore.
Feb 8, 2023 • Travel
China's resumption of outbound group tours is gaining pace - Bookings for destinations like Southeast Asia, New Zealand keep rising.
Feb 8, 2023 • Travel
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Price, inconvenience deter sustainable travel choices - Sustainability inconveniences if they have to invest significant amounts of their own time and money to be sustainable.
Feb 8, 2023 • Travel
Marriott doesn't see an end to strong travel demand - Level of demand seen over the last two years should erase any doubts about the resiliency of travel.
Feb 8, 2023 • Hospitality
What’s next for travel in Asia? - Asia is at the center of some of the most significant shifts happening in the travel industry right now.
Feb 8, 2023 • Travel
RMS of the future - Seven must-have attributes of the next-generation Revenue Management technology.
Feb 8, 2023 • Hospitality
Can ChatGPT answer travel questions? - For now, you may decide to use this service to find travel ideas.
Feb 8, 2023 • Travel
Microsoft launches the new Bing, with ChatGPT built in - Bing now features the option to start a ChatGPT-like chat in its toolbar.
Feb 8, 2023 • Marketing
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