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OTAs escape Europe's digital gatekeeper list - Online travel companies do not meet the threshold to be called gatekeepers under the European Digital Markets Act (DMA) - at least for now.
Jul 5, 2023 • Hospitality
High flight prices are here to stay in Europe - European airfares were up 36% in the month of May compared to the previous year, while inflation was at 6.1% for the same period.
Jul 5, 2023 • Travel
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The mid-term potential of Generative AI in travel - Agoda on the possibilities of Generative AI in travel in the next one to five years.
Jul 5, 2023 • Travel
German business travelers look to ‘bundle’ trips - The average length of business trips in Germany has increased to 2.4 days as travellers look to “bundle” their itineraries.
Jul 5, 2023 • Travel
Next stop for Spanish tourism excellence: Sustainability - Spain’s tourism sector has an opportunity to help position the country as a sustainable tourist destination.
Jul 5, 2023 • Travel
Wanderlust conquers wallets - Despite economic uncertainties, travel confidence runs high as wanderlust triumphs over the wallet, according to’s 2023 APAC Travel Confidence Index.
Jul 5, 2023 • Travel
How creates a positive impact for the Netherlands - A summary of a ‘true value’ study by KPMG, which finds €3.6 billion net-positive impact of in the Netherlands.
Jul 5, 2023 • Hospitality
How to optimize your hotel's Google Business Profile - 13 ways how to use Google Business Profile to better promote your property and increase your presence in the local search results.
Jul 5, 2023 • Marketing
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