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It's time to re-evaluate hotel performance metrics - Hoteliers should focus more on the revenue generation and profitability of the entire hotel, through the likes of RevPAM and GOPPAM.
Mar 9, 2023 • Hospitality expects Chinese outbound travel to gain momentum in Q2 - The country’s outbound travel is expected to start to pick up in the second quarter when flight capacity gradually recovers.
Mar 9, 2023 • Travel
IATA: Airline passenger demand remains strong - The recovery in air travel demand is continuing in 2023, based on January traffic results.
Mar 9, 2023 • Travel
A guide to how hospitality can leverage AI
This comprehensive free guide explores how the hospitality industry can harness the power of AI to revolutionize guest experiences and operational efficiency.
The barriers to next-level revenue growth for hotels - Freeing up time for commercial team leaders to develop strategies will be key in future-proofing revenue performance in 2023.
Mar 9, 2023 • Hospitality
European airports close to full Covid recovery in January - Europe’s airports have stepped up preparedness plans with the focus on getting ready for the peak summer season.
Mar 9, 2023 • Travel
On the digital transformation of guest experiences - Legacy, on-premise PMS systems, and POS solutions make building new and better workflows difficult.
Mar 9, 2023 • Hospitality
Top tactics to drive direct bookings at your hotel - As the industry continues to recover, many guests once again feel more comfortable booking their travel arrangements through OTAs.
Mar 9, 2023 • Hospitality
Google updates Google Trends - The company refreshed the Search Trends site, making it easier to explore what’s trending around you and across the world.
Mar 9, 2023 • Marketing
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