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Robust hotel pricing trends amidst shifting global dynamics - OTA Insight released its mid-year report on the state of global hotel pricing, showing a notable rebound in ADR for the global hotel industry.
Jul 12, 2023 • Hospitality
Why Expedia’s One Key reward program is bad news for hospitality - Loyalty programs will help the OTAs increase repeat business and market share at the expense of the hotel direct channel.
Jul 12, 2023 • Hospitality
How Egencia is helping Amex GBT win small business customers - The company's aim is to lessen the hassle that small businesses experience when transitioning to a managed travel program.
Jul 12, 2023 • Travel
How to Diversify Hotel Revenue
Get top tips from hospitality’s big winners on how to optimize space and maximize profit in this free guide.
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Shiji Distribution expands visual content distribution - Partnership between TravelgateX and IcePortal enables hotels to manage and distribute their visual content across popular travel channels.
Jul 12, 2023 • Hospitality
Google Travel makes leadership change - Richard Holden, general manager of Google Travel since 2020, is no longer in that role.
Jul 12, 2023 • Hospitality
Sojern acquires VenueLytics - Travel marketing platform Sojern has announced the acquisition of VenueLytics, the guest experience platform for hospitality.
Jul 12, 2023 • Hospitality
How hotels can drive greater customer lifetime value - Customer lifetime value calculations answer the question how much money you should spend to acquire customers.
Jul 12, 2023 • Hospitality
Mastering revenue management even with a reduced workforce - For better or worse, the “doing more with less” mantra has become a core skill set of today’s revenue managers.
Jul 12, 2023 • Hospitality
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