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Companies cut back on travel - Company spending on co-working spaces is on the up, while business travel is declining, according to a new report.
Feb 14, 2023 • Travel
Chinese travelers opt for new destinations - Shut out from their top destinations, Chinese travelers are turning to other places.
Feb 14, 2023 • Travel
TUI sees summer bookings ahead of 2019 levels - The latest sign the travel sector is booming despite high inflation sapping consumer spending power.
Feb 14, 2023 • Travel
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Will Washington really get tougher on airlines? - Not soon enough to make your next trip less miserable, or expensive.
Feb 14, 2023 • Travel
Over-tourism: Strategies destinations are using to disperse tourists - Smart destination marketers steer travelers to less-visited sites, which may be eager for visitors.
Feb 14, 2023 • Travel
Tours, activities and experiences most to benefit from ChatGBT in travel - Hotels are very transactional whereas experiences are a part of the destination which is much more about discovery and information.
Feb 14, 2023 • Travel
Food for thought how hotels are run - Michelle Russo knows hotel operations inside and out. She has some changes she'd like the sector to make.
Feb 14, 2023 • Hospitality
Hotel previsualization as a metaverse use case for right now - A privately hosted 'digital twin' of a property existing in the real world with service enhancing functions key target markets.
Feb 14, 2023 • Marketing
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