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Travel demand recovery may hit inflation wall soon - The pent-up travel demand may run out of steam in the second half of 2023 as rising risks of a recession threaten consumer spending.
Apr 27, 2023 • Hospitality
Chinese tourists remain wary of traveling overseas - Fear for safety outside China and the region continues to drive uncertainty when booking trips, slowing a global travel recovery.
Apr 27, 2023 • Travel
Why flying is so expensive and likely to remain that way - As consumers are willing to pay more after being denied the chance to travel, airlines try to recoup some of the losses accrued during the pandemic.
Apr 27, 2023 • Travel
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Russian travel shifts from Europe - The impact of sanctions on Russians, travel restrictions and the fall of the ruble have combined to drastically reduce the number of travelers.
Apr 27, 2023 • Travel
Business travel held back by economy - Economic uncertainty hampers recovery, with cutbacks among some of the big users of travel - banks and tech companies.
Apr 27, 2023 • Travel
Most travel buyers expect more uncertainty during 2023 - Majority expressing concern about the lack of readiness from TMCs for changes to airline distribution.
Apr 27, 2023 • Travel
The Hotels Network unveils new AI assistant leveraging ChatGPT - The innovation utilizes generative AI to help hoteliers ​​improve the efficiency of their direct channel strategy.
Apr 27, 2023 • Hospitality
Google ad revenue slides again as platform’s dominance is challenged - The company is betting on new areas, including short-form video and generative artificial intelligence, to spur a turnaround.
Apr 27, 2023 • Marketing
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