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Expedia CEO calls out rival Agoda - OTAs aren’t supposed to undercut the rates posted on official hotel websites - but Agoda does it everyday with the help of non-public rates provided by hotels.
May 31, 2023 • Hospitality
Memorial Day air travel tops 2019 levels - U.S. holiday air passenger travel topped 2019 pre-COVID levels over the Memorial Day weekend.
May 31, 2023 • Travel
Google on using generative AI for travel inspiration and discovery - The company released an open-source demo for developers to experiment with and better understand how AI is deployed in travel apps.
May 31, 2023 • Travel
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OTAs save travelers money, says - By increasing market transparency and competition, OTAs help bring down hotel daily rates and as a result, help consumers save money.
May 31, 2023 • Hospitality
Why post-pandemic 'revenge travel' is here to stay - A lot of people think that travel is just about taking a great vacation. But most of travel is about life, according to Priceline's CEO Brett Keller.
May 31, 2023 • Travel
Microsoft adds Tripadvisor to its travel plugins - The company is continuing to move fast in integrating OpenAI’s artificial intelligence technology across its travel services.
May 31, 2023 • Travel
APAC: Meta Travel Summit reveals latest traveler social trends - Event highlights value of social media and short-form videos in driving travelers’ awareness and purchase intent.
May 31, 2023 • Marketing
Soft hiking latest trend to take TikTok by storm - Travelers don’t want to live up to the pressures and strains often associated with being adventurous outdoors.
May 31, 2023 • Travel
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