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OTAs set new record for marketing spend in 2023 - stands out as the company that had the biggest jump in its marketing budget in 2023.
Mar 13, 2024 • Hospitality
American Express reveals 2024 top travel trends - American Express Travel released its 2024 Global Travel Trends Report, highlighting the inspiration and trends driving global travel bookings this year.
Mar 13, 2024 • Travel
Key features to evaluate in a booking engine
Kickstart your success by exploring our expert-curated infographic, offering an insider’s perspective on the pivotal features every hotel booking engine needs.
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Spain's hotel sector experiencing spring demand surge - The country's hotels expect demand to rise this spring, boosted by a jump in international visitors and in appetite for travel during the Easter holidays.
Mar 13, 2024 • Hospitality
The first woman to lead the Mandarin Oriental Singapore - Jill Goh is breaking ceilings in her hospitality career. She recently earned herself the title of first woman to lead the 36-year-old Mandarin Oriental Singapore.
Mar 13, 2024 • Hospitality
Travelers are forgoing luxury for nature - The latest trend in high-end travel? Stripping away all the luxuries and getting some dirt under your fingernails.
Mar 13, 2024 • Travel
18 experience trends on the rise - Unique experiences can set a hotel apart from its competitors, create new revenue opportunities, and create a loyal customer base.
Mar 13, 2024 • Hospitality
Google testing changes to hotel website links - The company is testing adding website links directly to the Google Search hotel and restaurant listings on the main search results screen.
Mar 13, 2024 • Hospitality
TikTok's growth rate stalls - Some users who started using the app in their teens are now young adults - and no longer have time for endless scrolling.
Mar 13, 2024 • Marketing
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