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Expedia, Kayak first in travel with plugins for ChatGPT - The two companies have created plugins for ChatGPT so the platform can access their data when responding to inquiries from users.
Mar 24, 2023 • Hospitality becomes MLB's official online travel partner - OTA inks deal with MLB, making it easier for everyone to book Baseball-inspired trips across the U.S..
Mar 24, 2023 • Hospitality
Google testing free price guarantee for flights - The price guarantee on flights gives consumers a refund if the airfare purchased drops before departure.
Mar 24, 2023 • Travel
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US: Hotel executives 'cautiously bullish' on future of industry - Strong industry fundamentals are keeping some hoteliers carefully upbeat, and others are taking that optimism up a notch.
Mar 24, 2023 • Hospitality
Don’t expect India’s outbound travel to overtake China’s soon - India’s travel industry may not overtake China soon but there are still ‘massive’ opportunities.
Mar 24, 2023 • Travel
Travelzoo plans to launch its travel metaverse - The company's vaguely defined pitch about its metaverse is that will be a digital travel experiences platform.
Mar 24, 2023 • Hospitality
American Express reveals 2023 top travel trends - More than half of respondents say they plan to take more trips and are planning to spend more money on travel in 2023 than 2022.
Mar 24, 2023 • Travel
TikTok’s pros and cons for travel - Even if social commerce in travel succeeds in doubling in the next few years, it will account for barely 5% of total e-commerce sales.
Mar 24, 2023 • Marketing
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