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More people have the means, flexibility to travel - It's an optimistic time for the hospitality industry, if you understand the demands of travelers and meet them.
Jan 27, 2023 • Hospitality
U.S. airlines forecast strong 2023 travel - But economic uncertainty and burgeoning labor and operations costs could cloud their rosy outlooks.
Jan 27, 2023 • Travel
Las Vegas hotels accused of rental price conspiracy - Several major hotels were hit with a lawsuit accusing them of conspiring to keep hotel room rates artificially high.
Jan 27, 2023 • Hospitality
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More corporates seeking agent support for business travel - Companies are opting for TMC’s support to prepare for potential travel disruptions.
Jan 27, 2023 • Travel
Q&A with Marriott CEO Anthony Capuano - On the industry's outlook for 2023, opportunities to innovate and Marriott's mergers and acquisitions strategy.
Jan 27, 2023 • Hospitality
Accor’s CEO on mega-mergers - The perpetual rumor in the hotel industry is that Accor will merge with IHG Hotels & Resorts.
Jan 27, 2023 • Hospitality
It's time to pivot hotel group sales strategies - Strategies include diversification of your base, and providing sales teams with the proper technology and data insights.
Jan 27, 2023 • Hospitality
TrustYou completes management buyout - The company bought back full ownership of its shares with a renewed vision and opportunity to grow.
Jan 27, 2023 • Hospitality
What DOJ’s lawsuit against Google means for marketers - The DOJ is seeking to unlock competition within the online advertising industry and diminish Google’s pricing power.
Jan 27, 2023 • Marketing
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