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Today's Brief supervised for a year due to multiple data leaks - The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) had the OTA under tightened supervision due to delayed reporting of data breaches.
Apr 4, 2024 • Hospitality
Cornell study shows tax reform could boost hospitality investment - The U.S. Tax Relief Act of 2024, could offer significant tax breaks for hotels, spurring investment in renovations and upgrades.
Apr 4, 2024 • Hospitality
How AI is already shaping hospitality - Conversations about AI often leave more questions than answers, yet it's undeniable: AI is already shaping hospitality.
Apr 4, 2024 • Hospitality
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Dynamic pricing is coming for everything in travel - Many companiees have been so focused on the potential for profits through increasingly complex fee structures that they haven’t stopped to think about whether they should.
Apr 4, 2024 • Hospitality
Members only: Enhancing value through loyalty and pricing - Consumer businesses can boost growth by integrating loyalty programs with pricing strategies in today's complex economic landscape.
Apr 4, 2024 • Hospitality
Predicting generative AI's impact on hotel revenue management - The impact of generative AI on revenue management processes is deep and multifaceted, promising to revolutionize how hotels optimize their revenue strategies.
Apr 4, 2024 • Hospitality
Is pricing automation the future of revenue strategy? - Think of your pricing strategy getting a smart upgrade – now it's nimble, sharp, and syncing perfectly with the market's beat, all thanks to AI.
Apr 4, 2024 • Hospitality
Why AI search engines can’t kill Google - The AI search tools are getting better - but they don’t yet understand what a search engine really is and how we really use them.
Apr 4, 2024 • Marketing
... in case you missed it, our Daily Brief April 3, 2024
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