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Travel leaders weigh in on GenAI real-world potential - Some analysts have dubbed generative AI as 'overhyped,' foreseeing a reality check in 2024 due to unrealistic expectations, elevated expenses, and regulatory obstacles.
Feb 15, 2024 • Hospitality
Group travelers prioritize wellness, urban destinations - Group hotel reservations are shifting back from resorts to cities - and in many cases, secondary urban destinations.
Feb 15, 2024 • Hospitality
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Hotel developers blend dreams with realities - How hotel firms frame projects and brands has a huge influence on developers and owners, especially in an era in which the definitions of lifestyle and experience are broadening.
Feb 15, 2024 • Hospitality
Meliá recognized as Europe’s most sustainable hotel brand - The Spanish hospitality group has been ranked amongst the most sustainable hotel companies in the world in S&P Global's 2024 Sustainability Yearbook.
Feb 15, 2024 • Hospitality
TikTokers booby-trapping their hotel rooms in the name of safety - Explore the realm of social media travel safety pointers, where certain creators are gaining widespread attention with intricate demonstrations reminiscent of "Home Alone".
Feb 15, 2024 • Hospitality, the blockchain-based hotel booking platform - The startup uses the capabilities of web3 and blockchain to reimagine the hotel booking process to offer travelers a seamless, secure and personalized platform.
Feb 15, 2024 • Hospitality
Email marketing trends for 2024 - As an essential part of digital marketing for hotels, emails have the power to nurture guest relationships, generate new leads, and drive repeat business.
Feb 15, 2024 • Marketing
Your hotel’s guide to capture more bookings with email - This guide explores the impact that email marketing can have across the entire customer journey with real-life examples.
Feb 15, 2024 • Marketing
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