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How to adapt to the digitization of hospitality - Digitization is transforming the hospitality industry and impacting customer behavior, necessitating new marketing strategies for hoteliers.
Feb 28, 2023 • Marketing
Pandemic flight rules slow U.S.-China travel restart - Stringent pandemic-era flight restrictions are delaying any substantial resumption of travel between the U.S. and China.
Feb 28, 2023 • Travel
Hotels expect group recovery momentum to carry through 2023 - Hotel brands shared their optimistic views on the strengthening of group demand for hotels.
Feb 28, 2023 • Travel
Marketing Personalization for All Visitors to Your Hotel Website
Hotels with a personalized digital marketing strategy consistently see a boost in conversion rates between 3X and 6X.
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Expedia, Microsoft and travel experts on ChatGPT - In the two months since OpenAi launched ChatGPT, the platform has captured the attention - and imagination - of the travel industry.
Feb 28, 2023 • Travel
Medical tourism looking sickly as patients watch their spending - The cost-of-living crisis has left the medical tourism industry struggling to recover.
Feb 28, 2023 • Travel
How Hilton Australia is fostering LGBTQIA+ - The hotel group will roll out gender and sexuality training for all team members across its 23 properties in Australia and New Zealand.
Feb 28, 2023 • Hospitality
Marriott names head of IT with background in sales, revenue - Drew Pinto will lead IT, digital, sales, revenue management and distribution channels for the company.
Feb 28, 2023 • Hospitality
Dopamine and the power of personalization in boosting hotel revenue - Triggering dopamine during the online user experience to drive engagement.
Feb 28, 2023 • Hospitality
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