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Why hotels need advanced tech tools in marketing and sales - Cutting-edge client-facing technologies can help hotels not only boost revenue but also adapt to fast-evolving customer preferences.
Jun 9, 2023 • Hospitality
Corporate travel remains stubbornly sluggish - But businesses are splurging when it comes to group gatherings such as company training or team-building events and conventions.
Jun 9, 2023 • Travel
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Stand out to travelers on Expedia with refundable rates - If you don’t offer a refundable rate, you will disappear from a third of traveler searches on Expedia Group sites.
Jun 9, 2023 • Hospitality tries to balance AI reliability and innovation - Even as more than 70% of its customer requests are currently handled by AI chatbots, remains cautious about the commercial implementation of AI.
Jun 9, 2023 • Travel
HotelSlash, the newest player in the price-hacking travel game - The creators of a popular discount car rental booking platform are taking a crack at doing something similar with hotels - a members-only version, that is.
Jun 9, 2023 • Hospitality
The 'dreaded hotel restaurant' is no more - Changing consumer demands have necessitated an evolution in hotel food and beverage - here are some trends from the HAMA Spring 2023 conference.
Jun 9, 2023 • Hospitality
The community of creatives behind Brussels’ coolest new hotel - For interior architect and designer Lionel Jadot, designing a hotel is like directing a movie.
Jun 9, 2023 • Hospitality
Social media plays biggest role in attracting tourists to Florida - A recent survey conducted by the University of Florida indicates that social media plays a significant role in enticing people to the Sunshine State.
Jun 9, 2023 • Marketing
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